[NAFEX] Peach - probably a seedling

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Sat Sep 10 10:11:03 EDT 2005

At 08:41 AM 9/10/2005, Ed wrote:
>Many years ago when I lived in S.C. we had a peach tree growing that 
>produced small (about 2 in) white fleshed peaches. We used most of them 
>for spiced or pickled peaches and they were the best of all available. I 
>am pretty sure that this tree was a "volunteer" and not available 
>anywhere. My memories of it require that I should search for something 
>similar if it can be found. It would not have to be a white flesh, but 
>small fruit to be used whole is high on the desired qualities.

This sounds like what some folks call "Indian" peach - and it's available 
in a number of incarnations.  The late H.R. Martin had one here that he 
called the "Hopkinsville" peach - a white-fleshed peach - I don't recall 
now if it was a clingstone or freestone; might be able to get scionwood of 
that one for you, if desired - I think the tree is still living.
A local orchardist told me of the Hopkinsville peach -  'it's just an 
unimproved Belle of Georgia'.

There was an OLD(I remember it bearing as a kid, so it must have been at 
least 40-50 yrs old when it finally died last year)  white peach growing at 
the edge of my grandmother's garden - probably a volunteer seedling from a 
pit someone had  tossed out, but it, too was a white (freestone, I think) 
fleshed peach, vastly superior to any of the other half-dozen seedling 
peaches around the farmstead or some of the named varieties that my dad 
planted when they moved back to the farm after my grandparents' 
deaths.  Just before it finally succumbed to old age, I budded a copy of it 
for my dad - on Nanking cherry or P.americana rootstock, to make a dwarfed 
version of it.  Bloomed & set fruit this year, but I don't know if they 
matured or not.

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