[NAFEX] Dolgo crab

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Sat Sep 10 08:30:50 EDT 2005

Depending on the person rating the disease or maybe the climate it's grown 
in, some rate Dolgo as more scab susceptible.  I saw huge difs in scab 
infection in other cvs this year-- VERY dry-- compared to a rainy year.

I was interested in the pedigree of Centennial because I grafted some this 
spring, it failed completely on MM111 and barely grew on Bud.118, and looks 
like baccata rather than regular apple.  I was about to destroy all my 
volunteer baccata trees, but now I might save 1 or 2 for top-working w/ 
Centennial (& maybe Dolgo!)

tc, s.WI, lite soil (tho incredibly green considering the drought), seeing 
more & more baccata weeds

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....the baccata parentage of Dolgo

Dolgo is wonderful!  It never has a speck of disease, keeps it's leaves all
summer when other crabapples go bald here.  The fruit are attractive, look
like plums actually, and they fall when they are just right, though I have
been known to actually pick some off the tree.  The flavor is really sweet
and really sour, kids love them, though you can't eat very many.  Most years
I remembered to get over to the college to pick them up.  I washed, cooked,
and sieved them for wonderful dark reddish apple butter.  Unfortunately the
college knocked down the building next to the two trees and I didn't realize
the trees were going too.  Never did get a graft off it, kept meaning to.
     Unless Centennial has some advantages over Dolgo, I'd go with Dolgo.  
it disease resistant?  Oh, stupid question coming from me, all I have to do
is consult Father Fiala's book... " disease resistant over 20 years of
testing, with only an occasional mild scab".  Sounds like it may be a bit
bigger than Dolgo.  Says Dolgo is subject to slight acab and fireblight.

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