[NAFEX] balsamic vinegar

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Sep 9 08:06:09 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I am looking for a means to use some of my grape crop.  Does anyone have  
the instructions for making balsamic vinager?

I know making balsamic vinegar differ from regular vinegar in that regular  
vinegar starts with fermented fruit juice, while balsmic starts with  
unfermented grape juice (must), that has been boiled down to a thick syrup.

"Mother of vinegar" is added to the syrup and then it is months and years  
of aging in various wood casks (different types of wood).

I wonder if there is process thatt could be altered to use roasted, wood  
chips (sticks, cubes), available for winemaking (replacing wooden casks).

I realize that North American balsamic vinegar will be different from  
other countries, but I am sure it can be done.

Does anybody have more specific steps for balsamic vinegar making?

Finding a use for the crop is well within the guidelines of NAFEX and  



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