[NAFEX] Greening in Florida

kieran or donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Sep 8 21:28:20 EDT 2005

Oh no!!!  this is a really bad one.  It was fear of this one coming into the
US that caused me to contact APHIS about citrus seeds coming in from China
back about 1992 and they disrupted a bunch of nurseries, including
Sherwood's, and made all kinds of trouble looking for Tristezia, which we
already have here.  That totally baffled me, and I decided that I wouldn't
go to the gov't next time, I'd just contact the people involved.  (I can
always threaten them with APHIS if I have to)  As "Hardy Citrus Consultant"
(the title sounds so great, though it involves very little work) I got a
call from a guy once who had brought in citrus seeds from South Africa.  We
had talked awhile before it hit me, and when I began warning him very
seriously about the problem of Greening and the fact that he had a nursery
in a citrus growing area, he suddenly hung up.  Guess it dawned on him that
if I learned any more about him, I could turn him in.
    Citrus trees in Florida have generally been healthy, and made beautiful
yard trees.  I am afraid that with so many new bugs and diseases, that they
will start looking as bad as crabapples look here in Tenn.     Donna

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