[NAFEX] Old posting-- writing for POMONA

Jacquelyn Kuehn jakuehn at verizon.net
Thu Sep 8 15:04:43 EDT 2005

Lon, in searching for a bit more material (the very subject of this 
posting) I found this posting from you from a year ago. I assume I may 
use it, but wanted to warn you in case you were very surprised to see 
it in print. It is still very valid and up-to-date!

Thanks so much for all your labor for NAFEX.


[NAFEX] writing for POMONA
Lon Rombough  lonrom at hevanet.com
Mon Oct 25 18:35:18 EDT 2004

         There have been calls for more NAFEX members to write for POMONA
recently.  That it should be hard to get material for POMONA is ironic
when you consider that the first issues were simply the collected
letters a group of fruit enthusiasts had been writing to each other.
The letters were gathered up and printed in a little magazine simply
because the process of passing letters from one to the next to the next
was getting too unwieldy due to the number of people involved.
         As POMONA developed into more of an actual magazine, people 
began to
work harder to "polish" what they wrote for it, until many of the
articles began to look pretty professional.  Such articles look nice,
but there's a lot to be said for a letter.
         When you write a letter to your aunt Matilda telling how you 
spent the
morning digging a hole for the new tree you are planting, you talk
about how it felt to get into the soil, about all the bugs you found,
about how you went to the nursery and talked to the salespeople until
you were satisfied that the variety was right for you, how you tamped
the soil and mulched the tree, and how good it felt to take a nice
shower when you were done.  That's sharing the experience and all the
little details people can identify with.  Not only that, but when you
write that way, you probably include little things that might give a
clue to the reader about something THEY need to do or look out for when
THEY plant a tree (or whatever the activity is).
         Professional articles are nice, up to a point.  When I write 
for sale, I have to write it to suit as much of the entire audience as
possible.  When you write a letter, you are writing just for the
reader.  That is, your conditions and situations are NOT going to be
the same for everyone, or even for that many, but what you write may be
JUST what a few people really need that they won't find anywhere else.
Not everyone in the country can grow every fruit and nut.  Many of us
can't grow more than a fraction of the ones covered by NAFEX.
         In short, share YOURSELF and YOUR experiences.  You may be 
just what someone else needs to get growing.
-Lon Rombough
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