[NAFEX] fruit-growing, rebuilding a city

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Thanks for all replies, and am I wrong to think this was all on-topic?  For 
the people lucky enough to be able to return, it's worth considering what 
the water has added to your soil-- salt, oil & other chemical poisons, 
pathogens which you might not want to dig into for a while, etc.  Thanks 
(Lon?) for the comment on management (will people maintain the 
fruit-production, will people use the fruit)which directs us keep an eye/ear 
open to community garden projects.

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Is it possible to get back on message or perhaps some could use off-list?

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It's not salt water in New Orleans, it's lake water.  Storm surge saltwater
came ashore on the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.  I had
wondered about salt damage of plants after other hurricanes and the tsunami.
Plants adapted to those coastal areas seem to handle such surges reasonably


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