[NAFEX] More project continuity ideas

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sun Sep 4 23:32:51 EDT 2005

Oh yes forgot something whilst I talked all about me again,
Elwyn Meader, famous UNH plant breeder, admitted openly that many of "his" 
discoveries or breeding successes were actually more like finishing projects that 
others had started. Meader worked closely with a mentor breeder named Albert 
Yaeger, who is co-credited with Reliance and another peach which was also 
supposedly hardy but is much less known. Sunapee it is called and I have never 
eaten it or seen it (if anyone has this peach PLEASE COMMENT!!). But apparently the 
breeding material came from someone else's selections and maybe also Yaeger. Meader 
and Yaeger took the peach pits and continued selections to Reliance. Over and over 
again this was the case, which is one of the reasons much of Meader's work remained 
unnamed at his retirement. It was others that named most of his work "Meader". 
SO if you have something special, track down a trustworthy public or private sector 
breeder, and maybe let them have at it. Maybe your contribution gets lost in time, 
but you know, eventually it all will. Take Albert Yaeger for example: he developed 
the Buttercup squash, as well as lots of other things and you never hear of the guy.
Heron Breen
zone 4, Maine
On Thu Aug 25 16:17 , 'tanis cuff' <tanistanis at hotmail.com> sent:

>What kind of contingency plans are NAFEXers making for their plantings?  I'm 
>thinking mostly of those explorers who are doing increases on their 
>collections of great selections, and breeders who are making crosses and 
>looking 20 or 30 years ahead.  For example, a plum breeder could lose a year 
>just because of a cold at blossom time.  Examples from the list include a 
>nursery owner who had a temporarily disabling bike accident, & someone who 
>had to move a 10-year-old orchard because of a land-use dispute, and most 
>recently the death of Tom V of "Applesource" (which is a service rather than 
>an orchard, but same principle applies.)
>I have a couple nice chance-seedling apples which I hope I'll share with 
>enough people (and how many are "enough"?!) before I quit gardening in 4 or 
>40 years.  But I'd like to learn what the more serious explorers & breeders 
>have planned for preserving/continuing their work.
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