[NAFEX] Kaolin, and Nature's balance

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sun Sep 4 21:58:02 EDT 2005

Well All,
 I have made myself a fool, with Nature the lesson provider. Remember my cocky 
assertions that Kaolin clay could be applied in different forms and methods and 
achieve better Plum Curculio control? The success I thought I was seeing from my 
dabblings were only a mirror of Nature's cycles working in my favor. Plum Curculio 
was almost non-existant (I found two all Spring) in my region of Maine, with both 
treated and untreated trees coming out 99.9% free of Curc bites. This means what I 
thought was working was just a result of an "open" winter (for the first half of 
winter that is). And the same thing happened last summer/spring when I had light 
damage. Our well below average cold Spring also probably affected their emergence, 
but I have only my own observations (at this point not to be trusted). I am 
beginning to understand the value of long-term duplicated study. I'll try it again 
next year, and I will be trying Kaolin again straight, rather than Surround..
 The benefit of Nature's winter-kill of Curulio is a blessing. Poor pollination 
resulted in light fruit set, but with no Curculio damage, and very light Codling 
Moth damage, there is still plenty of fruit. I do not have a sense of overall 
flavor quality after such a cold Spring and cool late Summer. I hope the last two 
winters have impacted the breeding populations for a few years to come, but if that 
is the case my dabbling will be worthless. Ate Chenango Strawberry, Ginger Gold, 
Duchess, Yellow Transparent, and what I think is Liveland or Lowland Raspberry thus 
 Has anyone else eaten this apple? Can someone comment on whether L. Raspberry has 
a great intense flavor? This apple purporting to be L. Raspberry that I ate is the 
best flavored early apple I have ever eaten. The descriptions are relatively the 
same, and pictures likewise, but I find no mention of the good flavor in the 
references I have. Really could be described as raspberry-like.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying Harvest,
Heron Breen
zone 4, Maine  

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