[NAFEX] fruit-growing, rebuilding a city

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 3 12:29:21 EDT 2005

I haven't read all the postings about hurricane Katrina, so please excuse if 
this is a repeated idea.  Also please excuse if it seems like a way too 
minor issue, and too far in the future, to be pondering now.  But this 
morning I was thinking that the ENTIRE city will need to be rebuilt, 
landscaping included.  (How many species of trees & herbacious can survive 3 
months' submersion?)  Considering the increasing use of 'edible landscaping' 
plantings, this sounds like a time for amateur & commercial fruiting-plant 
producers to be calculating how much we can produce and have on-hand when 
it's needed.  And to get this news to those who can use it.  This plan 
applies also to the proposal (contentious, so far) of abandoning the new 
lake and rebuilding on higher ground.

Questions I'm wondering about-- How much help could back-yard growers be, or 
is this only a large-scale thing, because of logistics?  What can a zone 4/5 
back-yard grower do to help w/ zone 7/8 fruit plantings?  If we can't 
actually grow anything, should we be thinking of eventually offering money, 
and if so, to what groups?

tc, relatively safe & dry & cool in s.WI

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