[NAFEX] Harvest and sell acorns?

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> Hello!
> Sure hope you can help!  We just bought an acre of property in South 
> Holland, IL with many Bur Oak Trees.  Evidently this is a "heavy acorn production 
> year" because they are EVERYWHERE!  He need a hard-hat on when we are in the 
> yard because they are falling fast and hard!  While in our home, it sounds like 
> rain (a hard rain) as these constantly fall and hit the roof...tap tap tap 
> tap...all day and night.
> Is this normal?  How long will this heavy production last? And...is there 
> are market for these acorns?  We would be happy to scoop them up if we thought 
> we could sell them.  We DON'T want to propagate new trees, so what are other 
> possible uses for this crop?  Please advise.
> Signed,
>  Shell-shocked in South Holland

Dear  Shell Shocked,

Are they all Bur Oak? Check with nurseries who would possibly need some. Also 
some state nurseries such as the Indiana State Nursery. They produce 
thousands of oak seedlings every year and buy acorns. I've copied them this e/m as 
well as others. Hopefully you will find a market.  


Jerry Lehman
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