[NAFEX] ADMIN WARNING: Stay on target

NAFEX List nafexlist at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 22:17:35 EDT 2005

Dear List:

It's hard to improve on the sentiments expressed by Stephen Sadler's email.

While he was diplomatic in his summary, let me be more direct.  I think this 
thread has moved PAST the point of being contentious.

I fully commend the sentiments of those who want to do something to help, 
and like a multitude of other Americans, I have made a cash donation to an 
established charity to assist in disaster relief.  Under the current 
circumstances, assistance is probably best coordinated through established 
organizations, including the organization cited by Doreen Howard.  Each 
person can decide for himself/herself what is the best means of helping in 
this situation.

For this topic, and a general rule for future posts, posts of a political 
flavor have the double fault of contributing NOTHING regarding the culture 
of fruit, while almost certainly angering SOME of the readers of this list, 
who presumably did NOT come here for political commentary.

While I realize that people will have reactions to intense events such as 
Hurricane Katrina, please don't share your "go ahead with your thoughts, 
caller" comments on this list.  There are a gazillion sites on the web that 
deal in those subjects.  Not here.


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