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Thanks so much.  This is exactly the resource I think people were looking

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I've been following the thread about Katrina and have a practical suggestion

for those who grow fruit and have extras. Donate it to America's Second 
Harvest food pantries in your area. Go to their website to find a pantry 
near you or go to www.gardenwriters.org/par

The network is huge and is always moving food around the country to where 
it's needed--now, specifically to the hurricane damage area. America's 
Second Harvest has the infrastructure--warehouses across the country and a 
huge fleet of truck. If you donate 500 pounds of apples in Iowa, it will be 
transported to LA or Mississippi within 72 hours.

As national coordinator for Plant a Row for the Hungry, I've worked with 
America's Second Harvest for nearly a decade. They make a huge difference in

hunger in this country. They are and will be transporting tons of food to 
Red Cross feeding stations and to staging areas.

This is what you can do as a fruit grower or a vegetable gardener.
Doreen Howard

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