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      T.O. lived at Hattiesburg, I know nothing about him, the last time 
I heard he was
very aged.  Sherwood lives in Sherveport, La which is in the northern 
part and I haven't heard of any damage in that area. The Hattiesburg 
was hit very hard but
I heard of no loss of life there.  

      I've been concerned about Lee Sharp who lives about 4 miles inland 
from Ocean
Springs, MS,  it's beach front was total davastation, I feel that he is 
safe but just
unable to communicate but will let you know when he gets on line.  He 
puts a
message  on line once in a while.  I was there about a month ago and 
his citrus
was looking very good.  Sometimes citrus takes a big beating by losing 
but weathers the storm otherwise.  

      That's all that I know personally that might have been in storms 
way. If I do
hear anything else will let you know.

      I'm not registered to send on the NAFEX  line, that's the reason 
this is personal.
I live in Columbus, GA, next to ALA.  We only had welcome showers from 

                                                             With Best 

                                                             Lester H. 
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