[NAFEX] Seed of hybrid persimmon.

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>  Keep plugging away at it, and you may very well succeed (but it may take a 
> long time!)   

Hello Hal,

Thank you for the input and encouragement. At 69 years of age, I may not have 
enough years remaining although in very good health and my Mother is still 
living at 93.  

Question for you or anyone else and pardon me while my ignorance hangs out. 
Most of the seeds produced by Rosseyanka and Nikita's gift have an embryo but 
no cotyledons, or the white flesh which I've seen called cotyledon flesh and 
maybe it is endosperm. My Japanese friend was able to obtain plants from two or 
three of these flat seeds I sent him using embryo rescue techniques and 
invitro. My question is, What is the significance of these flat seeds?  Fully 
developed seeds, that is with full cotyledons, will germinate. Is there a way to 
feed the developing sperm without using sterile conditions at home?  

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