[NAFEX] Exploring kaki hardiness, climate, and nuts

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> That Hana Fuyu sounds like a possibility - for us.  
> I have the Ichi Kei Ki Jeiro and it has suffered little or no damage 
> from anything - including the scourge of Japanese Beetles.  It is not 
> bearing yet, only about 2 years in the ground.   I don't spray the 
> Asiminas and Diosporos with anything.  I do weed and fertilize.
> I have a question.  I bought a Meader and it was producing seedless 
> fruit.  Then the male bloomed and now the fruit has seeds.  If I took 
> the male out would the Meader and Ichi care?  I means in terms of 
> production.  Seedless is nice for making pulp.

Hi Barb,

Now that you mention it, Ichi, that was one of the varieties first grafted 
along side of the house. It has been written that generally, astringent 
cultivars are more winter hardy than AN.  

Yes, take out the male and you will return to seedless fruit. Meader is only 
seedless in absence of pollen. In all likelihood Ichi will continue to bear 
fruit w/o the American male. 

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