[NAFEX] Potted Figs?

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Thu Nov 24 08:52:27 EST 2005

Hey Steve, I owe you a letter but I'll fire off quickly that my best this
year was Conadria, giant figs which ripened  at the very last minute. 
They were the size that most of the breba figs usually become.  Not sure
if you could ripen them out doors in the freezer you live in but they may
ripen in your garage if they don't freeze too hard.

Also i agree with your accessment of hardy chicago.  Lotsa small not to
flavorful figs, but I'm thinking this is a nutrient deficiency & am gonna
try rock dust or azomite on my collection next year to see if I can get a
noticeable change in flavor.

On the downside of collecting figs.  Everyone of my figs had rooted pretty
extensively in the ground & it took hours to prune them free.  & then it
took me 7 hours to get the collection down into my basement (about 75
plants in 5-15 gallon containers.  What people will do to support their
fruit fantasies....


On Nov 24, 2005, at 7:15 AM, loneroc wrote:

Howdy all,

Anyone out there have any suggestions for figs to add to my potted
collection of 3?  Information about experiences growing in the North would
probably be especially helpful, since figs seem to vary just as much as
any other fruit when it comes to matching plant to climate.

My Petite Negri fig fruited beautifully this year (as always)
and is quite delicious.

The Chicago Hardy I got  two years ago produced a few fruits
this summer but tasted watery.  Quite disappointing. .
This is at odds with most assessments of CH I have read so perhaps my
conditions---most probably soil, need improvement.   Perhaps I'll try it
in the ground. next year. Has anyone tried the Chicago Hardy outside in
zone 3 or 4?

My Green Ischia fruited for the first time this summer.  It was large,
quite beautiful, and tasty.  Though it's perhaps not quite up to the
quality of the Petite Negri it is well worth growing.

Based on my book research (actually back issues of Pomona ),  I must also
try an English Brown Turkey.

Since all these produce most or all their crop quite late, I could
probably use a fig that produces a consistent and large breba crop to
extend the season

What potted fig would you recommend that offers a good breba crop?  The
few breba PN's and Green Ischia's I get every summer are great but like
any greedy NAFEXer I'd like more.  Are there other figs that folks have
experience with in pots that they'd recommend?  Naturally great flavor is
important, but I'd be interested in hearing about figs to avoid, too. For
example, I tried Celeste (which clone, God knows) and left it outside to
die years ago because I couldn't get it to hold fruits until they were
ripe.  Thanks.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI   USDA zone 3 (with pretty good summer heat)

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