[NAFEX] Apple packer

Sam & Helen Finazzo finazzo at chibardun.net
Wed Nov 23 18:29:01 EST 2005

Jim and Sam,

I've not seen the scalloped cardboard collars on bushels of apples since my
grandfather stopped using them in the early 1970s. The packer allowed one to
create a bushel of apples that was topped by a layer of apples in concentric
end-to-end rings. The scalloped cardboard encircled the outer ring.

I may get time to post a photo, but basically these rings of apples were
created on concave metal disk that is placed in the bottom of the packer,
along with a cloth to keep the apples from bruising against the metal disk.
Then the rest of the apples are added. A bushel is then inserted over the
top of the packer's metal staves. The whole thing is turned over and after a
couple of little bounces to help settle the apples, you placed one foot on
top of the metal circle (which is now at the top) and grasp the packer's
handles on either side and give a swift tug straight up to remove the metal
staves. Remove the metal disk and cloth‹Voila!

It took some practice to get a nice tight pack that would keep the ringed
face intact through shipping. There were confetti-stuffed circular pads that
went on top of the apples and a wooden cover would go over that.

Sam Finazzo

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