[NAFEX] A righteous borer tool/first borers?

Deirdre Birmingham deirdreb at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 23 14:08:04 EST 2005

I am in southern WI, zone 4b, east of Mineral Point, which I should have
added to my earlier post. 
>From the descriptions in Michael's book, I have the round-headed apple


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> I haven't see this pest locally (s.WI), don't think we have it.  If the 
> borers arrive, where do they show up first?  Is there some common widl 
> susceptible tree or shrub which I should keep an eye on, or will they
> first in apple plantings?  More likely in older trees, or young trees/ 
> nursery rows?
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> This is handy info but I cannot picture how it works, probably because I 
> don't know what the drill bit looks like. Seems it should be something 
> flexible to follow holes, n'est-ce pas?
>   I discoverd this borer in my young trees in my nursery in October as I
> preparing them for the winter.  Just in  less than 1% of them. The few 
> affected were on mostly Bud-9 and one was on M-26.   They will get
> out in the spring and I hope I am not transporting borers to the field as 
> well.  There are wild apples and woods about 100 to 200 feet away.
> What I didn't find explained well as I searched for what to do is how
> of the tree to cut out.  I used a paper clip, not having copper wire
> as your book (previous edition) and other references indicated,  and then
> pocket knife to cut until all affected tissue was removed.  Seemed a bit 
> drastic at times.  Is one supposed to be? I never noticed any grubs, but 
> they could have been in the mix of what I was jabbing at and then cutting 
> out. On one tree they seemed to have already headed down into the roots.
> I was painting tree bases for SW tree injury using latex paint.  I have
> need for Surround yet, but had on hand diatomaceous earth.  So I added
> and DE to the white latex paint.  And then painted as close to the soil
> as possible and on all sides of the tree trunk.  DE was recommended in
> new book for dogwood borer, but will it work on the round-headed
> borer?
> --Deirdre
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