[NAFEX] Persimmons...unstable?

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> We tend to think of sex being XX and XY related,  but not all 'higher' 
> animals work that way.  If I have my  facts write, birds are XX and XZ and the 
> females are
>  the XZ.  Turtles sexuality is determined by temperature at incubation.  

In trees the sex chromosomes are refered to as X & O. Have read why but don't 
remember as it isn't important at our level. Diploid plant males are XX and 
females XO. So the hexaploid persimmon male would have six X chromosomes and 
the females three X and three O chromosomes. 

Here comes guess work. That might explain females putting on male flowers 
having 3 X's. And why w/o any O chromosomes the males don't put on perfect 
flowers, only semi female hence perfect flowers. But this still doesn't explain 
Szukis flip flopping like it does. 

OK Lon, enlighten us out here. 

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