[NAFEX] Cold Peaches ?

Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
Tue Nov 22 18:36:42 EST 2005

Hello Richard!

We have been growing peaches in zone 4b/5a for about 8 years.  We planted 
about 10 new varieties in April of 2004 and have had good success with the 
following varieties:

Flamin' Fury PF1, PF7, PF24, Red Haven, John Boy, FA59 Coral Star, Encore, 
Laurol, Contender and Sugar Giant being new varieties that are now have been 
through one winter with no winter kill.   Earliglow, Madison, Starking 
Delicious, Reliance, Summer Pearl, Redskin and Stark Finale are our older 
varieties and have been through -10 degrees with no problem.

Our Flamin' Fury are from Paul Friday in Michigan, but were purchased 
through Adam's County Nursery in Pennsylvania.  There stock is grown in 
Sussex County, Delaware which is actually zone 6/7.   You can visit Adam's 
County site at http://www.acnursery.com  and Paul Friday at 

Our older trees came from Stark Bros. in Missouri.  They have seen several 
harsh winters and have weathered well.  Hope some of the info helps.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  Hi Gang;

  Today's question is about peach trees.

  I see 3 varieties listed as 'hardy'.

  Reliance   -   Intrepid   -   Contender

  All say 'zone 4'.
  Descriptions vary, some claim bud & flower hardiness, too.
  That's where my big orchard is; zone 4 central Maine.
  Do any of you have first hand experience with peaches in southern zone 4 
or colder?
  I intend to trial 2 trees of each, starting in spring '06.
  Anyone been there ??


  Richard Murphy

  PS    Remember that all that stuff you may consider to be common 
knowledge, perhaps laying idle in your brain for years, can be dug up and 
tossed at a novice such as myself. It is received, used, then tucked away 
for the next dreamer.
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