[NAFEX] Apple packer

Sam & Helen Finazzo finazzo at chibardun.net
Tue Nov 22 19:20:59 EST 2005

I still have my grandfather's ring-face, apple packer for making decorative
bushels of apple. The last time it was used had to be the mid-1970s when my
grandpa Pete would take the time to create these fancy bushel displays for
apples we'd take to the Minneapolis publi farmers market.

I believe he originally acquired it when we worked for one of the wholesale
produce commission houses in Minneapolis back in the late 1920s. I
understand it was a common way of packing apples at one time.

Does anyone know whether they are still used? How common were they? And do
they have some value as antiques now? Thanks for whatever information you
may provide.

Sam Finazzo
Fina Gardens
Hillsdale, WI
USDA Zone 3

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