[NAFEX] Teens Discover Morning Glories

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Tue Nov 22 11:49:12 EST 2005

One of them will probably discover the joys of nightshade and atropine
poisoning next then will move on to overdosing on nutmeg.  Been a
long time since I've heard of anyone smoking banana peels though.


Quoting Doreen Howard <gardendiva at charter.net>:

> This is from The Weekly Dirt, an ezine from Branch-Smith
> Doreen Howard
> Retailer keeps tabs on morning glory seeds
> TLC Florist & Greenhouses in Oklahoma City noticed an interesting
> phenomenon 
> that began this summer: groups of teenagers heading straight to the
> seed 
> display, grabbing packets of morning glories. 

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