[NAFEX] Teens Discover Morning Glories

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Tue Nov 22 11:37:01 EST 2005

This is from The Weekly Dirt, an ezine from Branch-Smith
Doreen Howard

Retailer keeps tabs on morning glory seeds
TLC Florist & Greenhouses in Oklahoma City noticed an interesting phenomenon 
that began this summer: groups of teenagers heading straight to the seed 
display, grabbing packets of morning glories. "They were definitely not your 
typical garden center patrons," said owner Linda Shackleford. A quick 
Internet search clued her in. Apparently, the bored teens were using the 
seeds to concoct a makeshift hallucinogenic drug. Shackleford and her staff 
quickly clamped down, refusing to sell the seeds to younger customers. The 
situation even garnered a warning for parents on the local TV news. 
Shackleford said it was quite a nuisance for a while, but things have calmed 

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