[NAFEX] A righteous borer tool

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Tue Nov 22 10:26:57 EST 2005

At 23:31 2005-11-21, you wrote:
>>cambium and end up with a skewered grub at the end of the search. It 
>>turns out that a 3/8" borer bit (I'm not making up this name! though it's 
>>also known as a spade bit) is a righteous device for poking up the 
>>dreaded borer! Smaller diameter drill bits of this type do not have the 
>>spear point. This bit is plenty sturdy to open up damaged areas, poke 
>>gently into suspected crevices, and absolutely great at delivering the 
>>hiding grub from its lowest hiding tunnel. The goal is to get these 
>>bastards in the fall of year one, and certainly

I don't really see how you work this out.
What exactly is a borer bit (or a spade bit)?
Is it a regular drill bit?
Do you use this bit with a battery powered drill or with a router?

Claude, in Quebec, who is a bit mixed up with English terminology...

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