[NAFEX] A righteous borer tool

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Mon Nov 21 23:36:39 EST 2005

Oops!  Apologies to the group, as this was intended as personal to M.P.

On Nov 21, 2005, at 11:31 PM, Richard J. Ossolinski wrote:

> Dear Ahab,
> Call me Ishmael, but I found this bit boring.  Also, have received and 
> thank you for sending a copy of the revised edition: stellar work!  
> Here's  wishing you multiple printings and all due success.
> Ozzie
> On Nov 21, 2005, at 7:33 PM, Michael Phillips wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Twenty years of suffering have gone into this discovery, as I’ve done 
>> the incessant search for damage -- and thus the grub culprits -- 
>> caused by the round-headed appletree borer. In the process, I’ve 
>> probably lost four or so good pocketknives (misplaced in the grass) 
>> and at least a few dozen trees. All the biology and “trunk clues” are 
>> explained in my book, including the new revised edition, but what’s 
>> new here is that I’ve finally discovered the right tool to go borer 
>> hunting. The key is to delve throughout all damaged cambium and end 
>> up with a skewered grub at the end of the search. It turns out that a 
>> 3/8” borer bit (I’m not making up this name! though it’s also known 
>> as a spade bit) is a righteous device for poking up the dreaded 
>> borer! Smaller diameter drill bits of this type do not have the spear 
>> point. This bit is plenty sturdy to open up damaged areas, poke 
>> gently into suspected crevices, and absolutely great at delivering 
>> the hiding grub from its lowest hiding tunnel. The goal is to get 
>> these bastards in the fall of year one, and certainly by the 
>> subsequent spring. The old idea of using a wire to follow a deep, 
>> winding tunnel is fine, but geez, really: Why not get them soon after 
>> egg hatch with a full thrust jab to the gut? The spade bit is not 
>> unlike a harpoon in this regard.
>> And if anyone thinks this advice is being offered up by a nut, well 
>> then, you really don’t understand how incredibly devastating the 
>> borer can be, do you?
>> I’ll just sign off appropriately . . .
>> Regards,
>> Captain Ahab
>> Michael Phillips
>> Lost Nation Orchard
>> 859 Lost Nation Road
>> Groveton, NH 03582
>> 603-636-2286
>> www.HerbsAndApples.com
>> Book News:  A full-color edition of "Apple Grower", revised and 
>> expanded, filled with all the latest cutting-edge information on 
>> organic orcharding, is Hot Off the Press!  More than 70 new pages 
>> have been added, including many informative charts. Check it all out 
>> on our web site, and get in your holiday orders today.
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