[NAFEX] Why's of persimmon grafting

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 20:55:27 EST 2005

Lucky and others,
I took your advice, rubbed all the buds off religiously, and my kaki whip
grafts took off after sitting there for several weeks.
Then had to stake them as Jerry (and you) suggested, due to several feet of
growth and side branches.
Why questions:
Why, with the greater damage of blowouts, do you prefer bark grafts over
whip grafting? On seedling rootstock, the proper diameter for the scion is
there, if not, I do cleft grafts, which also are stronger than bark grafts.
In my lack of experience here, please help me understand the attraction of
bark grafts for persimmon.
 Why, compared to apples, pears, pawpaws, mayhaw, cherry, etc, is persimmon
so particular about removing ALL competing buds on the rootstock? What are
the hormonal/physiological reasons that are at play here, that are absent in
so many other woody plants?
East Tenn, where we enjoyed kakis for dessert tonight.
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