[NAFEX] persimmon grafting

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Mon Nov 21 13:45:52 EST 2005

At 12:04 PM 11/21/2005, Doc L wrote:
>How about explaining your method of preventing "blow out"?  Your method 
>worked for me after you advised how to prevent it.  It could be a problem 
>for some persimmon grafter wannabes.
You're right - some of these grafts will put on some very vigorous growth, 
and while a bark graft gives a lot of cambium contact on multiple surfaces, 
it's not very strong for the first year or two, so is subject to 'blowing 
out' when a stiff catches the leaves or when a bird lights(perches) on it.
Probably the simplest thing is to take a nice little bamboo stake and shove 
it down into the soil next to the rootstock stem - on the 'backside' of the 
stem, away from your graft, take a couple of wraps around stake & rootstock 
with masking tape just to secure the two together, then, as the scion 
pushes out growth, train it in an upright fashion by taping it to the 
bamboo stake - this will help promote upright growth - some of mine, that I 
didn't stake , have a pretty noticeable 'dog-leg' in them, as a result - as 
well as protecting against 'blow-out'.
Ideally, your stake should extend at least a couple of feet above the level 
of the graft -  with a well-established rootstock plant, your graft may 
grow that much or more in the first year - but sometimes less.
I don't always get around to staking in a timely manner, and I've been 
pretty dismayed to walk out and find a nice vigorously-growing graft lying 
shriveled or crispy & blackened on the ground.

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