[NAFEX] "Date plum" persimmon, Diospyros lotus

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> I have a "Mexican" persimmon which is said to be evergreen and  still ahve
> in a pot after 6 years. No fruit so far. I would plant it out if I thought
> it would not freeze back. It has choclate colored fruits.
> Topgun
> Zone 7

Sounds to me like D. digyna, ever green from Mexico. Large fruits, 3" plus, 
black flesh, tastes similar to Kaki mild. It may not bear fruit w/o a 
pollinator. They will not tolerate long periods of cool weather, according to 
descriptions I've read.  

I've tasted them, not bad, not good. :-) I've read they make reasonably good 
malted mikes. The ones I tasted weren't sweet and sweet would have made them 

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