[NAFEX] "Date plum" persimmon, Diospyros lotus

bassem at gardener.com bassem at gardener.com
Thu Nov 17 12:53:53 EST 2005

I've recently visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They have the date plum persimmon "D. Lotus". The tree was loaded with chocolated colored fruits, they were seedless and quite tasty. I've seen trees before here in pa, grown at Bob Seips farm. He has more than 1 tree all trees were loaded with marble size fruit, he has a variety named wild korean, but the fruits had more seeds than pulp. 
Does anyone have experience growing that persimmon? I'm trying to find out whether it's self-fertile or not. 
The tree that was planted alone produced seedless fruits, the one planted with other mates produced seeded fruits.

Bass Samaan
zone 6
Bethlehem, pa

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