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Wed Nov 16 11:52:40 EST 2005

 <<Has anybody had any success at sprouting persimmon seeds?  I've tried several 
times and always failed.  Any advice would be helpful--I obviously don't know 
what I'm doing.>>
I had success like most of those described here.  I too stratified in the refridgerator, but I
used lighlly damp paper towels instead of peat moss.
Planted the seeds towards Spring and then they sprouted.
<<Now, grafting persimmons...that's where I have not been as  
successful. I get only about 50 percent take with whip and tongue  
grafts made when rootstocks start sprouting leaves. Many persimmon  
stems are deciduous, so one theory that I have is that many of the  
grafts that don't take were made with stems that would have been  
deciduous, so don't live.>>
I'm of the opinion that certain kinds of grafting techniques work better for certain 
species than other.  I too tried whip and tongue w/out success, but at the advice of
Lucky Pittman, I tried multiple grafts on two rootstocks (8 grafts, 4 varieties) using 
bark grafting*  Take wasn't 100%, but probably around 75%.  Unfortunately stock 
was large and trees didn't survive transplanting (well one did eventually resprout 
low down on stock, but all grafts were lost.
Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N 75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation
*bark grafting - stock is larger than scion,  scion dormant, stock in active growth, bark
slipping.  Using clippers, cut stock off perpendicular to growth,  Cut scion as if doing 
splice graft (whip & tongue before the backcut is made).  On tip of cut on bark side,
a very small cut to 'bevel' the tip and expose more cambium.  On stock, cut a slit down 
bark starting from top of stock.  Open flaps slightly, and then ease scion into slit, leaving very
top of scion cut just above stock.  Wrap stock and scion at graft union with grafting rubber.  '
I then covered top of stock and exposed scion cut with caulking.  Wrapped graft area and 
all of scion with parafilm.  Then attached stick to stock so it stuck above scion to protect from
landing birds.  Emerging buds will push through parafilm.

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