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Thu Nov 10 11:52:51 EST 2005

 <<I use plastic netting over my blueberry planting to keep the birds out.
Is there a pliable plastic pipe that I might use to provide framework 
for the netting. I'm proposing to make an arc over the berries using 
plastic pipes spaced every 10 feet or so to provide the framework. What 
type of plastic pipe would allow me to do this?>>
I don't know about flexible pipe.  I use the white PVC pipe used for water plumbing.  2 uprights, about 5 foot and a cross member with elbow joints connecting them.  The cross member and elbows are together using the 'glue' used for PVC pipes.  I think the pipe diameter is 3/4 inch and I have a larger diameter pipe in the ground, so I can just 'drop' the PVC pipe in when I need coverage for the blueberries and take them out and store when I don't need them.  I got the inground pipes a little low, so I sometimes have trouble finding the bases, so when I try to remember when I take the uprights out, that I put a stick in to try to mark the holes.  Doesn't work perfectly, but I know someone who has a beautiful permanent cage, and their's doesn't work perfectly either.
I also found that all netting is not equal.  Some netting has square holes and though it catches sometimes, it isn't terrible to work with.  I had another net where the netting was more like collapsible diamonds.  That caught on everything, was impossible to spread, and was in general a misery.
Chris Mauchline
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