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> I have a sugar apple "annona squamosa", I grow it in a container... It 
> fruits well for me with artificial pollination. I need to try crossing it with 
> pawpaw. If I tried getting pollen from the pawpaw flower and applied it to the 
> stigma of the A. squamosa, Would that be the common way? Is that usually done 
> at a sterile environment?
> The flowers are much different. I always wondered if any one tried it. The 
> Annona might flower at different time than the pawpaw... In my greenhouse it 
> blooms early april... but may continue blooming until july... so I need to 
> test it next spring.

Collecting pawpaw pollen in a sterile atmosphere isn't necessary, or even 
advantageous to my knowledge. In nature insects carry the pollen. I hand 
pollinate pawpaw all the time and don't even wash my hands or the tools. I might have 
frozen pawpaw pollen. Can send fresh pollen late May.

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