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> Does anyone out there know the pollination needs of buartnut? Are they 
> self-pollinating or do they need another buartnut, a butternut, or a heartnut? A 
> black walnut would work, perhaps?
> Lee Reich, PhD
>  www.leereich.com
> Hello Lee,
> Missed you at the Slow Foods Brunch in Alexandria, but your books were 
> there. 
> My experience with buarts is limited, but believe generally many things will 
> pollinate them. Have one there that looks like butternut except the kernels 
> drop out whole like heart nut. Good crop every year and no other Buarts here. 
> Many believed butternuts are really hybrids. Have maybe 30 Buart seedlings 
> growing here, all from the same seed parent, and not one of them is note 
> worthy. Nuts small and trees lack a good central leader.  Most will be visited 
> with the chain saw. 
> Jerry Lehman
> Indiana zone 5b
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