[NAFEX] Fwd: Chill Requirements for Zabergrau Reinette apple?

Big Swede Jfrisk at pionet.net
Sun Nov 6 20:20:34 EST 2005

I grow Zabergau here in SW Iowa(zone 5) but unfortunately don't know about its chill requirements.  It is a large apple that doesn't keep very well.  I mostly use it for drying.  Not as good as Golden Russet, Ashmead's Kernel, or other russet varieties. Judson L. Frisk
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  If anyone has information on the question below, please reply to them directly, i.e. to 
  Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery <mail at sandybarnursery.com>
  "William A. Grimes" <wagrimes at sonic.net>

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  Do you know any of the NAFEX members who might know this? I searched the Internet but didn't find anything.

  Bill Grimes

    From: Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery <mail at sandybarnursery.com>
    Subject: Chill Requirements for Zabergrau Reinette apple?

    Dear Folks at CRFG:

    I am a member (Mark DuPont, Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery) and wonder if someone in your organization can help me with a question. A customer recently contacted me concerning the chill requirement of the Zabergrau Reinette apple. She had found references to this variety having extremely low chill requirements and being suitable for southern California. I was not previously aware of Zabergrau's low-chill requirement. This is an extremely high quality apple that I have trialed and carried in my nursery (http://trees.safeshopper.com/3/cat3.htm?270) for some years. I'm surprised and pleased to learn of it's possible low chill requirements, but need to confirm this new info. I did some searching on the web and though I found phrases indexed concerning Zabergrau's low chill requirement, I was consistently unsuccessful at accessing the pages that would give me more information. If there anyone who can provide me with any information or references concerning Zabergrau Reinette's chill requirements I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks.

    Mark DuPont

    Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery
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    Orleans, CA, 95556
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    Fax: (530) 627-3880
    Fruit Tree Nursery: www.sandybarnursery.com
    Riverside Cabins: www.sandybar.com


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