[NAFEX] Fwd: Chill Requirements for Zabergrau Reinette apple?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Sun Nov 6 20:11:49 EST 2005

If anyone has information on the question below, please reply to them 
directly, i.e. to
Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery <mail at sandybarnursery.com>
  "William A. Grimes" <wagrimes at sonic.net>

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From: "William A. Grimes" <wagrimes at sonic.net>
Date: November 6, 2005 1:58:39 PM PST
To: Lon Rombough <lonrom at bunchgrapes.com>
Subject: Fwd: Chill Requirements for Zabergrau Reinette apple?

Do you know any of the NAFEX members who might know this? I searched 
the Internet but didn't find anything.

Bill Grimes
> From: Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery <mail at sandybarnursery.com>
> Subject: Chill Requirements for Zabergrau Reinette apple?

> Dear Folks at CRFG:
> I am a member (Mark DuPont, Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery) and wonder if 
> someone in your organization can help me with a question.  A customer 
> recently contacted me concerning the chill requirement of the 
> Zabergrau Reinette apple.  She had found references to this variety 
> having extremely low chill requirements and being suitable for 
> southern California.  I was not previously aware of Zabergrau's 
> low-chill requirement.  This is an extremely high quality apple that I 
> have trialed and carried in my nursery 
> (http://trees.safeshopper.com/3/cat3.htm?270) for some years.  I'm 
> surprised and pleased to learn of it's possible low chill 
> requirements, but need to confirm this new info.  I did  some 
> searching on the web and though I found phrases indexed concerning 
> Zabergrau's low chill requirement, I was consistently unsuccessful at 
> accessing the pages that would give me more information.  If there 
> anyone who can provide me with any information or references 
> concerning Zabergrau Reinette's chill requirements I would be 
> extremely appreciative. Thanks.
> Mark DuPont
> Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery
> PO Box 347, 797 Ishi Pishi Rd.
> Orleans, CA,  95556
> Tel: (530) 627-3379
> Fax: (530) 627-3880
> Fruit Tree Nursery: www.sandybarnursery.com
> Riverside Cabins:  www.sandybar.com

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