[NAFEX] turtles (off-topic, Pomona article)

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 5 12:03:41 EST 2005

The current Pomona has a great article by Bruce Hansen, 'Fall Peace'.  Very 
well written, it certainly put me in mind of my favorite woods.  But he 
mentions rescuing turtles from roads and releasing them near his pond.  In 
Wisconsin (I don't know about Michigan) "box turtle" is a dry prairie 
species which needs open dry sand more than it needs open water.  And it's 
my understanding that wetland turtles are crossing a road to get to "their" 
pond, and they will keep moving until they find "their" pond.  (This may be 
just one species, or a couple species, I don't know if applies to all.)  In 
short, transporting turtles away from a road to a quiet friendly pond may be 
the intuitive thing, but it may be worse for the turtle than just helping it 
get across the road.

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