[NAFEX] Cherries

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Tue Nov 1 09:10:33 EST 2005

I find the "tart" or "pie" cherries such as North Star or Meteor are fine to eat fresh or frozen.  I could eat many more than we manage to freeze each year as a treat directly from the freezer.
I find the sweet cherries from the store to be insipid compared to the North Star and Meteor cherries that we grow.  I wouldn't dismiss pie or tart cherries just because of their name, unless you only like really sweet fruit.  I prefer a tart apple to one that is only sweet, and perhaps my taste differs from other people's (I sure it does as we are not all the same, are we?)
Jim, in Menomonie, WI


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I originally concentrated on sweet cherries as 1) I love them 2) they're incredibly
expensive in the store 3) I prefer fruit that is able to be eaten out of hand 
I've had much better success with Nanking cherries and am considering planting some of the
more 'sweet' tart cherries.  I would consider Dukes, but they seem to have disappeared.  
Any opinions on the different varieties of tarts would be welcome.
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