[NAFEX] Everbearing blackberries?

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Tue May 31 19:34:00 EDT 2005

It may be you're right and I'm just not remembering them doing this
from last year and the year before.  Our wild berries around here
don't seem to keep right on like that, they bloom in the early spring
and then they're done.  Of course, usually after that one flush of
blossoms we go into our seasonal dry spell and that may have a lot to
do with it.  This has been a cool, wet spring for us.


Quoting list at ginda.us:

> I've never grown blackberries, but I've seen wild ones that have
> every  
> fruit stage from blossom to ripe fruit on the same bush.  My  
> raspberries routinely continue to produce blossoms after the early 
> blossoms have become ripe fruit - more in the fall crop than in the
> summer crop, since the fall crop is more spread out.
> I would have thought it was normal for the group.
> Ginda

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