[NAFEX] Sudden pecan death.

O'Barr, R. D. topgun at otelco.net
Tue May 31 17:50:37 EDT 2005

Sometimes with pecan there is a borer that cuts all of the cambium but
leaves the bark. In this case just moderate pressure will break the limb off
and it looks as though cut clean by a razor straight across. Sometimes a
flatheaded apple tree borer will ring the tree and kill all above that spot.
 I put out the official release on Moreland so I like it very much for most
locations but along the coast and very moist locations, humidity wise, it
will scab without scab preventative sprays.
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> Second in a series of woe.
> Actually, it's not as bad as that.  It's been a pretty good year
> fruitwise but I've run into a couple of problems that have me
> stumped.  In this caee literally.
> I've got a Moreland pecan that I planted three years ago.  The first
> year it grew very little, establishing a good root system I suppose.
> Last year it grew more and seemed healthy enough.  I fertilized it
> along with my other three pecans in early March just before bud
> break.  It leafed out well in late March after the Desirable and
> after that I got caught up in the vegetable garden and didn't pay
> close attention.
> The next time I checked on the trees was the fifteenth of this month.
> The other three are doing well, but the top graft of the Moreland was
> dead as a wedge.  There was no obvious sign of injury or disease.
> Whatever killed it worked so fast that it didn't even shed its
> leaves, they're still on the dead wood right now.  There was a big
> sprout coming off the roostock which is something that it hadn't done
> the two previous years.  I'm not sure if the roostock sprout caused
> the top graft to die or if the death of the top graft caused the
> roostock to sprout out.
> Anyone have any suggestions as to what may have happened?
> .....Alan.
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