[NAFEX] citrus seedlings need help

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Tue May 31 13:22:57 EDT 2005

How large are the pots they're presently in?

I'd take the sick ones out of their pots and check the conditions of
their roots.  The media in the bottom half of the pot may have turned
into muck and not be draining properly because the symptoms you
describe sound to me like an overwatering problem.  I would stop
feeding them until you see signs of new growth.


Quoting Mark Lee <markl at nytec.com>:

> The leaves are yellowing and dropping.  I water them daily to keep 
> them from drying out and also to prevent them from getting water 
> logged.  I foliar feed them weekly either with a general purpose 
> liquid plant food or with seaweed extract.  

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