[NAFEX] citrus seedlings need help

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Tue May 31 13:20:45 EDT 2005

I have some one year old citrus seedlings that need some help.  They
have been growing in the same pots since they germinated.  They have
spent the last year either under plant lights or on the window sill.  I
have Thomasville citranequat, calamondin, and keraji mandarin seedlings
that are thriving.  All the others are doing poorly.  The leaves are
yellowing and dropping.  I water them daily to keep them from drying out
and also to prevent them from getting water logged.  I foliar feed them
weekly either with a general purpose liquid plant food or with seaweed
extract.  What is strange is that 3 types of the citrus are thriving
under the same conditions that he others seem to be failing under.  The
ones that are failing include kaffir lime, meyer lemon, yuzu, and US119.
I am wondering if it is time to transplant these to a larger pot, or
maybe use a special food formulated for citrus.

Some of you may wonder why I am bringing up this topic in the NAFEX
group.  A number of these survive outside in my garden with no frost
protection, just like my other fruit bearing plants.  To get these
citrus to produce fruit is going to take some work since Seattle doesn't
get much heat.

-Mark Lee, Seattle

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