[NAFEX]Orchard Moving Pics

Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
Mon May 30 07:56:10 EDT 2005

Earlier this spring I posted about an orchard I helped move near here for a friend. Click
on the link to see a  pics of how big the trees actually were. (My friend decided to
prune after moving, thus any branches broken in the move would be figured into the
pruning - as it worked out not many were damaged .) I am sure in the future I will find
some of my seedling trees are planted too close and will want to move some - this was
really encouraging to see how much root could be dug and how economically. 3 years ago I
transplanted two 10 year old apple trees, hand dug, and they are happy productive parts
of my orchard today.

Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com   zone 3   N. MN

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