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> I've heard that a double fence is more effective than a single one, and 
> can be much lower.  It should be very visible, like snow fence.  
> Apparently deer do not have good depth perception and can't tell whether 
> they can leap a double fence, so they don't try.  I would guess the two 
> fences should be 3-4' apart.  Has anyone ever done this, or know any 
> more specifics?
> Louisa Thompson

Hello Louisa,

There is a 5 foot high fence along one side of my 10 acre field where trees 
are planted. Deer regularly passed through and across the fence. After seeing a 
double fence somewhere else (don't remember where) I placed a second barbed 
wire fence behind the 5 foot fence. Three feet high and three feet behind. Of 
course there is no scientific way to know exactly, but I believe quite strongly 
that it did cut down the through traffic. I know some did jump over and 
landed on the single 3 foot strand. Wire was broke and hair and skin in a few 
barbs. After a few times it stopped and I believe strongly there was less through 

Why didn't I ring the entire orchard if it seemed to work?  I'd had to go to 
the expense of installing about 2,000 feet of new fence on three sides. The 
fence on one side was there when I purchased the property. Had the other sides 
been fenced I'd have added the second fence for sure.

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