[NAFEX] Orioles, an observation.

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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The oranges attract by color as well as flavor.  I would think you would
want that bright orange to bring them in.  Interesting they like bananas - I
never tried that.  Did they use peeled or unpeeled?  What color?  




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Orioles and tanagers are lovely bug-eaters to have around.  You can buy
nectar feeders for them, or keep orange halves out for them. 

Two years ago while traveling in Costa Rico (beautiful country) I had the
opportunity to observe Orioles as they winter there in addition to other
migrating birds. People had rails about 5 feet off the ground where they
placed bananas and oranges for birds including the Orioles. Being a curious
fellow I wanted to know which they preferred, oranges or bananas.   

So one morning I placed newly cut oranges and fresh unpeeled bananas on a
rail and watched. They did prefer bannas. If you are feeding oranges to your
Orioles may I suggest trying bananas also.


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