[NAFEX] Re: NAFEX live chat

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Thu May 26 13:25:02 EDT 2005

Mark Lee wrote:

> I'm not sure if I would ever use the live chat feature.  I suppose if
> someone organized a time to meet, the resulting discussion might be interesting.  It is all text based, right?
> -Mark Lee, Seattle

Ryan, would you like to think of a time day or night to suggest a chat?  Mark, chat is text, yes, there are no pictures involved.

Everyone else, chat [aka IRC aka Internet Relay Chat] is a live chat amongst all present, live uninterrupted typed messages.  Ryan has implemented a way to access it from a browser, but there are also dedicated computer programs that specialize in just the chat - examples:  MIRC on PC's, on Macs, IRCle, AthenaIRC, or Mozilla chat.  I have been on the "channel" 10 hours and never been dropped.  The channel is available 24 hrs-7days - so its a nice way to find friends anytime.  Ask questions if you need help!

Charlie Paradise

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