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Good story. I too have had little success with deer repellants. There are
perhaps twenty five deer that live on the farm and I do not yet have names
for them all; but we know each other. Eight foot fence around the nursery
acre and tree tubes work.

What say you to an article in Pomona about Frank, Jane and John?


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When I lived in deer country, I had no success with chemical deer
repellants.  Doesn't mean they haven't worked for others.  I had an 8 foot
fence around the (huge mini-farm-type) garden area, and trees just inside
that perimeter which made it harder to jump.  Since the deer were, of
course, attracted to the garden, I planted clover - which these deer were
crazy for - outside the fence near the garden entrance.  It was a
carrot-and-stick strategy: the fence was difficult to jump, and the clover
was free for the taking.  I had unprotected figs, plums, peaches, and
grapes, which the deer left alone.

Based on my experience, I do recommend perhaps planting some favorite deer
food for them as part of your strategy.

We usually had three deer on the property - not always the same ones, as the
neighbors tended to shoot the buck - and we named them Frank Buck, Jane Doe,
and John Deer, of course.

The does and fawns would sometimes come in the garden through the left-open
gate, staying just a few feet away behind any tall cover - corn, filberts -
watching me garden.  They never made a dent in garden or orchard production
inside or outside the fenced area.  I know they ate some things - but never
enough to notice, not with their clover-filled bellies.


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Does anybody have any experience using chemical deer repellents (e.g.
brands Liquid Fence, Tree Guard, Deer-Away, Deer-Off, Plantskydd, Plant
Pro-Tec sticks etc.) for apple/pear/plum trees?  I'm in the Shenandoah
Valley of Virginia.

Paul R. Cabe, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA 24450
(540)458-8012 (fax)
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