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Pat Meadows pat at containerseeds.com
Thu May 26 09:20:50 EDT 2005

On Thu, 26 May 2005 08:54:06 -0400, you wrote:

>However, if food pressure is high, nothing will stop them.  You can only  
>deter them.  I have seen them feeding in farmers fields even while a  
>combine is rumbling around.

I used to live in northwestern NJ.  Our property have been
part of an old, abandoned apple orchard.  We still had
neglected apple trees, and apples fell from them, of course.

We also had three large dogs:  two German Shepherds and one
shepherd mix.  We had a chain-link fence for the dogs' area.

I have often seen deer feeding on the apples while NO MORE
THAN TEN FEET AWAY three large dogs were absolutely
hysterical about trying to get at the deer:  leaping,
barking hysterically, growling, etc.

A still-operating apple orchard was next door to our home,
and the deer came down to the barnyard and ate the apples
out of the wooden crates.  The farmer said he wouldn't mind
so much if they ate the apples off the trees, but eating
them after he'd picked them and carted them back to the
barnyard was a bit much.

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