[NAFEX] Oh, deer

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Wed May 25 15:18:19 EDT 2005

Hi there,
Many friends of mine swear by Downy dryer sheets pinned to the branches. I was
skeptical of this until I saw a friends' home orchard: their trees are way back
away from their house in another field, really along with their garden and this
is definitely deer country. They have had no deer damage while using these
sheets, and this is without fencing of any kind. These trees are young 1-5 years,
so I do not know if the presence of lots o'fruit would draw the deer in numbers
where damage would be a problem. I also assume eventually the deer get used to
the scent, but I don't yet know...
Heron Breen
zone 4 Maine

>Does anybody have any experience using chemical deer repellents (e.g.
>brands Liquid Fence, Tree Guard, Deer-Away, Deer-Off, Plantskydd, Plant
>Pro-Tec sticks etc.) for apple/pear/plum trees?  I'm in the Shenandoah
>Valley of Virginia.
>Paul R. Cabe, PhD
>Associate Professor of Biology
>Washington and Lee University
>Lexington, VA 24450
>(540)458-8012 (fax)

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