[NAFEX] Pixie Crunch Pollinator Update

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Fri May 20 22:02:28 EDT 2005

I bought a Pixie Crunch apple last spring at the suggestion of our Ed 
Fackler who sold this Purdue introduction at his Rocky Meadow Nursery before 
it was bought out by the big guys.  I asked last fall on this list if anyone 
knew which apples would pollinate Pixie Crunch.  There was no answer except 
from Ed who said he didn't know, either.

I have two apples set!!!  So the pollinator for Pixie Crunch, Ed, has to be 
either Jonathan (the neighbor's apple tree) or the ornamental crabs in my 

Even though the tree has only been in the ground a year, I'm going to let 
these two apples develop.  The tree came with branches nearly parallel to 
the ground and has grown vigorously into a strong scaffold.  I'm hoping the 
apples tastes as good as this disease-free tree has performed.
Doreen Howard
IL-WI Border
Zone 4a/5b
(No tornadoes here, Tanis, but we had 2-inch hail.) 

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