[NAFEX] Stone fruit rootstock brain-picking

Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
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A Univ. of Wisconsin pub has some useful info on Prunus compatability.
See http://cecommerce.uwex.edu/pdfs/A3561.PDF.

Other useful links for info: 

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Hello Fruit Lovers,

I have a few questions that I cannot seem to clarify: 

Will Prunus americana accept and fruit peach or apricot?

Will seedling apricot rootstock accept and fruit peach? How about Euro,
Asian and 

American plums also on apricot rootstock?

I have a lot of left over rootstock and wondered what interesting
experiments can I 

try. Some multi-specie trees would be fun!

 One thing is certain after this winter: Peach rootstock suffers near
total die 

back here in the zone 4 region of Maine, to the point where I am either

wholly into own-root production, or I have got to find another

 The same goes for Prunus cerasifera rootstock. They put on lots of
growth last 

summer, and lost almost half to two-thirds of it this winter, but that
is no where 

near the peach damage. But the P.c. grew HUGE fibrous roots! Although
this was a 

pleasant surprise, for budding and grafting purposes I prefer putting
cultivars on 

something as hardy or hardier than the scion/bud. 

 What I have been trying to do is trial various rootstocks, letting them
grow out 

for a few summers. If they survive the winters, I may even let them try
and produce 

fruit. This is what I was hoping for with the Prunus cerasifera, but it
has shown 

its flaws and has been yanked.

 I would be very pleased if someone could suggest a supplier of hardy

domestica seed or rootstock. I have never come across it in rootstock
form in the 

wholesale rootstock business. I am interested to try it. If you have a
bunch of 

pits left over from this year's bounty from some hardy cultivars, let me

Overall, if you had a moment, please share the stone fruit
rootstock/scion combos 

you've experimented with!

Looking for the lock and the key for this Northern stone fruit stuff,

Heron Breen

zone 4 Maine

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